Tips for Making the Perfect Beef Stew

With the temperature dropping, your family would appreciate coming home to a delicious, warm, hearty stew prepared by their favourite kitchen queen. Stews are the perfect meals to chase the winter blues away. A stew with a great meaty taste will keep your family warm and smiling from the inside out. Follow these simple tips:

Use the correct cut of meat

Beef isn’t just beef. It is important to get the right cut of meat for your stew. Avoid using your lean, expensive cuts of meat like sirloin and rump. These meats just become hard and chewy when cooked for too long. Go for your cheaper cuts, like chuck, because the long cooking time makes them soft and tender, releasing an awesome meaty flavour.

Always sear the meat

Some make the mistake of adding meat to water straight away and expecting a great stew. Searing the meat first is important to get that great flavouring in your stew. When browning the meat cubes, brown them on each side until they are golden. This will ensure a heartier stew.

Add the vegetables at the right time

Add healthy vegetables that will compliment your stew, such as potatoes, carrots and turnips. The meat requires a longer time to cook, so don’t add your vegetables too soon or you’ll be left with a mush of veggies once you’re done. The perfect time to add your veggies is when you are half way through cooking the meat. If you plan on adding veggies that cook quicker than most, add them just as you are about to take the stew off of the heat.

Cook your stew long enough

Cooking the stew for the right amount of time will reward you with soft, succulent meat, and a final product that is rich in flavour. If you rush it, you will end up with hard, chewy meat. For a softer result, as well as amazing taste, cook your stew for at least two hours.

Don’t serve your stew alone

Serve your stew with warm bread. While preparing dinner, you could also prepare steam bread or dumplings to go with your stew. A great beef stew goes well with something that can help you to mop the bowl clean.

Add Perfect Flavour

Season your stew perfectly, adding the right amount of salt, herbs and spices. To make it extra rich, add beef stock cubes. Always compliment your stews with the right stock cube to give you that extra meaty taste.